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So we’re all in Seattle, tired as hell. But you know what? It was a damn good trip. We have lots of vids to post, but unfortunately, Tumblr is slow as hell, so those vids will have to wait. 

So instead, I’ll post pics:

From left to right, Li Xiao Ning, Deng Tiao Ning, and Zhu Qiao. We’re in the Tampa airport gate, and as you can see, tired. 5 AM, dude. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still in the middle of the night

Here’s Li Xiao Ning eating in Chicago. We had a three hour layover and plenty of time to spare.

Deng Tiao Ning. The place that we’re eating at was called Wolfgang Buck and expensive as HECK.

Here is all of us :)

My reading material. Stephanie Plum - the world’s worst bounty hunter, yet stuck between probably the two most good-looking guys in town. And one of them is like Batman :DD

On our four hour flight from Chicago to Seattle, we passed over the Rocky Mountains. It was REALLY pretty. Plus, our window was frosted. 

Did I mention that it’s, like, forty degrees here? AND I’M WEARING SHORTS / FACEPALM

SIDENOTE: The Seattle mall is filled with GOOD-LOOKING ASIAN PEOPLE.

Like I said, there are vids to be posted, but they’ll have to wait. Right now, I’m too exhausted to expound, but you can count on Li Xiao Ning to update tomorrow morning before our eleven hour flight to Beijing /SOB

- Zhu Qiao

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